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We are photographers Ben & Kadin Godwin.


Over 3 years ago we said "I do" to each other and to a life of photography and adventures. We love people, our pups, coffee, the beach and pretty much anything that involves having a good time and adventuring new places.


Where you can find us. 

We love coffee and adventuring. So anywhere where beautiful sunsets happen, coffee is present, and puppies are allowed, you can bet you'll see us there. We love meeting new people and making new friends so come say hello!


Working together.

We absolutely love when people get married. This is when we are most in our element. You can expect to see us modeling poses for you, looking for fun angles, and making sure that everyone is having a great time. Just like our marriage, we are complete equals and both have different strengths and skills.


Best friends married since 2014. 

10 years ago, we both picked up cameras separately. We didn't know each other yet; however, we both had a love and a passion for photography. 5 years later we would meet each other and and start going on photo adventures together. We would grab our camera's and photograph stuff as an excuse to hang out together. Before we knew it, we had fallen in love!  We started dating in 2012  and married in 2014. From that day forward we knew that we had to photograph the adventures of others weddings. 

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